Cause a little trouble.  Whisper loudly when an island man walks by.  Eat way too much.  Dare to not wear makeup.  Chuck your heals in the ocean, only to remember those were Manolo’s and that wasn’t very green!   Feel the freedom that only comes with being with the women you choose as friends in your life.

There’s so much to do and see here.  Frankly, a weekend isn’t enough to remind you that you were a woman before you became a mom, or wife, or a business owner.  Email it / sing it…”are you willing to come and play with me, dear friends?”   Consider taking the float plane…and hold each other’s hand on the way down.  Then, Mariner’s Loft makes it easy to walk to just about everything.

What’s it going to take, to just stop and insist on some delicious fun during the girls’ weekend?

“I just got back from a girls weekend on Salt Spring Island. We were lucky enough to have chosen the Mariner’s Loft as our place to stay. It was wonderful!. There were 4 of us and 3 beds so we were able to work out all the sleeping arrangements easily. It is a quick walk to Ganges with numerous restaurants to choose from, a quick walk to the Saturday market… This was just a great location overall. The newness of Mariner’s Lodge was also an added bonus. All of us said that we would want to stay here again if we go back~ And we really hope to go back as it Ganges / Salt Spring Island is amazing. I was surprised at how much there was to do and see on the island. I would highly recommend staying at the Mariner’s Loft.”
– Anonymous (Vancouver, B.C.)

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