Stop time and share the romance that lives on Salt Spring.  You might be surprised by the love and passion you’ll find here, when you listen to nature, or dance with abandon, on a secret sunset beach.

Is there an art to loving?    Magical forest walks, evening skinny dipping in a quiet lake, paddle under a pink moon.  Taste and smell all that is wonderful here.

When the outdoors ignites a spark…come back inside, sip a local wine and marvel at the breath taking, evening views.  Mariner’s Loft was built with romance in mind.   Receive a massage together in your bedroom.    Melt with your lover into a candle lit soaker tub, with your ipod’s favorite music cascading in the background… a cozy fireplace flickering nearby.  Bring some imagination and playfulness and discover more about each other during your time at Mariner’s Loft.