don't miss the boat

Watch the ferry come and go.

Hike and set sail

Words and Photos by Jaime Murdoch

A south-end treasure, Reginald Hill is just a kilometer from the Fulford Ferry terminal.  If you’re leaving the island and have some time to spare, strap your boots on and hike up the hill to take in the view before sailing away, and if you’re not in a rush to get anywhere, you could meander, take your time and have a pick-nick at the top (about 235 meters high).  There you’ll have a full view of the Fulford Harbour, with the majestic Mount Maxwell to the north, and Mt. Tuam, Hope Hill and Mt. Bruce, to the west.  Be sure to wear adequate footwear as there are some fairly steep sections to the journey.  Give yourself an hour-and-a-half to two hours.

Signs marking the way

Signs marking the way

Entering the hike

Entering the hike

beneath the leaves

Beneath the canopy of leaves


dramatic Arbutus

Dramatic Arbutus


roots revealed

Roots revealed alongside the path



Bark, petals and leaves; myriad textures and shades.


Be aware of the steep spots !



Place for a pick-nick

The perfect place for a picnic.


Garry Oak Meadow at the top

The Garry Oak meadow at the top welcomes you out of the trail and into the light.


Take a rest, and take in the view

Take a rest, and take in the view.


Mountains and fluffy clouds

Mountains, trees and fluffy clouds are revealed at the hilltop.

Getting there:

  1. pack a light snack or pick-nick (you can find baked goods and other delights in Fulford), some water and your camera
  2. put on some good hiking shoes or a pair of sturdy running shoes and dress in layers
  3. whether it’s by bus, car, scooter or bike, make your way to the South end, go to Fulford Village and head up Morningside to the end where you’ll find a round-a-bout where you can park and set out for the hill. Here’s a map.
  4. Follow the signs, be mindful of the houses in the neighbourhood (don’t mistake someone’s driveway for the trail!) and head on up the hill.
  5. Watch out for steep spots and enjoy the view at the top!

Did you know?

Reginald Hill is home to many kinds of trees: Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar and Arbutus as well as Garry Oak. And! Reginald Charles Hill (3 April 1936 – 12 January 2012) was an English crime writer, and the winner of the 1995 Crime Writers’ Association Cartier Diamond Dagger for Lifetime Achievement, though perhaps not associated with the hill you’re about to hike. 😉


Photograph: Charles Sturge/Rex (

Reginald Hill, the English crime writer – Photo by Charles Sturge/Rex (