The frenzy of the market has faded; your camera memory card has countless snaps of the kayaking adventure in the Gulf Islands; your belly is full from a delicious dinner of fresh seafood and local vegetables from Salt Spring Island. You treat yourself to a Gelato from the famous Harlan’s Chocolate and Gelato in Ganges. Then the sun begins to light up with color, boat motors quiet down and the birds become still for the night. You decide to drive along the west coast of the island on Sunset drive and find yourself a quiet spot to sit on a beach. The tide is high and the lapping of the waves on the shore is the only sound you hear. The sun melts towards to horizon to become one with the ocean and in this moment you are reminded: ah yes, this is why I came to stay on Salt Spring Island. Whatever you do, don’t miss the sunset.

Sunset - Salt Spring Island

One of the many places to watch the sunset on Salt Spring Island