Escape to Cusheon Lake on Salt Spring Island


Cusheon Lake is a quiet and serene vacation getaway on Salt Spring Island in the coastal region of British Columbia. It is the second largest lake on Salt Spring Island and one of its loveliest locations in the region for a good reason. It is well cared for. All surrounding residences keep it clean, green, and quiet. Although there are private homes along the lake, the western shore remains an uninhabited forest.

This pristine lake of roughly 68 acres is an ideal destination for all those who appreciate and respect natural habitats. The choices made by the locals, as well as the visitors, are all eco-friendly and based on the understanding that humans aren’t the only ones who benefit from clean living. When you visit Cusheon Lake, you’ll experience the precious nature of this island habitat and an amazing outdoor adventure.


The Natural History


If you’re an eco-tourist, you’ll be impressed with a way of life that maintains a stewardship role. These natural surroundings have been home to not just a rich ecosystem filled with creatures such as frogs, birds, bugs, fish, otters, and turtles, but it is also a culturally significant location for the First Nations people who have lived in the area for generations. The Heiltsuk Nation is still honoured and celebrated with music, benefit events, and fun.


Outdoor Activities at Cusheon Lake


There is plenty to do at Cusheon Lake. The resort provides complimentary canoes and stand-up paddle boards (you can also sit on your paddle board and use a kayak paddle). Swimming is a favourite past time in the Lake, some plunge year-round, while others stick to warmer months. Whatever time of year it is, the outdoor hot tub is available from 11am to 10pm.

Fishing is a rewarding outdoor activity here. Each spring, the lake is stocked with rainbow trout, but cutthroat trout are the natives. Bring your own gear and license if this is your passion. Cusheon Lake is a peaceful place to wet a line.

Outdoor cooking is also a favourite activity. There are four built-in brick bar-b-ques for charcoal fire grilling and two charcoal chimneys. Bring your own coals, and make sure to give your fellow outdoor grillers some respect and privacy.

You can also take advantage of our swing sets between cabins 1 and 2, and the complimentary vehicle charger in the parking area in front of cabin 1a. Help yourself to the rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, lemon balm, and mint available for anyone interested in gathering them from the garden.

There is no end to outdoor fun between hiking, kayaking, fishing, biking, and camping; Salt Spring Island Vacation is the perfect outdoor adventure. Whichever way you’d like to roll, Cusheon Lake is an ideal location to enjoy hiking, canoeing, camping, bird watching, fishing, or just relaxing in a tranquil setting.


Cusheon Lake and Mariner’s Loft– the Best of Salt Spring Island


Visit Cusheon Lake on Salt Spring Island If you’re looking for a naturally beautiful and relaxing travel destination in glorious British Columbia. With its unique qualities and high standards of service and amenities, this lovely lake is conveniently situated near the town of Ganges and makes for an unmatched outdoor recreation experience.

Mariner’s Loft is Close by, in the town of Ganges. Situated overlooking Ganges Harbour, it is an ideal and luxurious accommodation to return to after a day at Cusheon Lake, and is sure to offer something for everyone, from couples and families to the lone traveller. Come to Salt Spring Island and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Contact us and book your stay.

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