On the north end of Salt Spring Island, there is over 15km of trails that make up the Channel Ridge Trail Network. These trails are for those who love the adventure that the British Columbia outdoors offers. Whether you enjoy hiking, mountain biking, or simply spending time in the company of grand trees in a primeval temperate rainforest, these trails offer many kilometres of hiking with routes that suit all levels. All the trails are very well-marked, with several access points.

Some viewpoints afford you views of St. Mary Lake, Stuart Channel, and Vancouver Island. With all the forks to take, be sure to have some way to refer to the map. A map of the trails can be found at the visitor center.

The Channel Ridge Trail Network spans a wide range of terrain and habitats. Most of the trails are open to equestrians and non-motorized cyclists, as well as hikers, making this a must-visit destination for a wide variety of activities. The Channel Ridge Trail Network is an easy path to outdoor adventure. With eight major access points, this extensive network of trails is accessible through an agreement with the Owners of Channel Ridge Properties and offers an extensive opportunity for exploration. You’ll find that trails are not just marked clearly on the map but also marked with signs on the trails.


Easily Accessible Activities


Channel Ridge’s extensive network of trails has a variety of options for a variety of hiking types. From strolls to highly advanced assents or exhilarating mountain biking. There is an experience for everyone.

There are other outdoor activities to enjoy in this British Columbia wonderland, from picnics to camping and bird watching and fishing to wildlife viewing, including abundant sea life.


Channel Ridge is a Whole Park Apart from Any Other


Channel Ridge Trail Network is a must-visit Destination: This is truly the finest British Columbia nature park, with a wide range of terrain and habitats. The unique features of this wilderness area set it apart from other outdoor recreation areas. Firstly, it is the most convenient location, with easy accessibility for visitors. This, plus the many options available, places it as a nature experience at the next level.

A favourite amongst mountain bikers, some of the most beautiful scenery, challenging terrain, and excellent trail workmanship a mountain biker will ever experience is right here on the Channel Ridge Trails.


Get the Most Out of Channel Ridge, Then Stay at Mariner’s Loft


It will take some time to get all you want out of Channel Ridge, so make sure you stay over at the luxurious Mariner’s Loft. The accommodations at Mariner’s Loft make it easy to relax. Watch your perfect day end as the sun goes down over Ganges Harbour. While there, you might also take a day to have some local experiences in the lovely little town of Ganges. Everything is close on Salt Spring Island, so make sure your Channel Ridge Trail Network experience includes Mariner’s Loft. Contact us and book your stay.

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