Mount Erskine Provincial Park is one of British Columbia’s greatest outdoor adventures. It features Mount Erskine, the highest peak on BC’s Salt Spring Island. This beautiful peak offers some of the best views around. Experience jaw-dropping vistas from impressive cliffs that sculpt artfully windswept firs and pines and explore cathedrals of old-growth forests.

The trails ascending Mount Erskine are nothing short of magical. In addition to spectacular views of Penelakut, Thetis, and Valdes Islands, Hall Mountain, Mount Prevost, and Mount Arrowsmith, you can look down upon Stuart Channel and view the peaks of Vancouver Island. Below you are the Sansum Narrows, with Maple Mountain above, through which cruise ships and ferries travel to the mill town of Crofton.

Then there are some unexpected magical places during your trek. Several mysterious elf and fairy residences are tucked amongst the rocks as you ascend the trail to the summit of Mount Erskine. Many people on the island know the stories behind these small, artfully designed doors, so be sure to ask about them at the Saturday Market in Ganges, BC.

At the top, you’ll emerge upon Mount Erskine’s summit dome and be rewarded with the best vantage point on Salt Spring Island.


The Trails of Mount Erskine


With a difficulty level considered moderate, the trail hikes that ascend Mount Erskine are simply a wonder. Walk amongst coastal Douglas-fir forests, ground cover greenery, outcrops and bluffs, Garry oak ecosystems, arbutus/hairy manzanita environments, and several other endangered habitats.  

Hiking the trails of Mount Erskine is an eco-tourist’s dream. All nature lovers will enjoy getting to the top of Salt Spring Island’s highest peak. Your hike will take you through a magical realm of twisted tree trunks and blankets of moss.

To access the main trail up Mount Erskine, you have your choice of two starting points. One is longer, and one is a bit shorter. There’s the Juniper Trail (or Trustees Trail), which is one of the most popular. It’ll take you roughly 1 to 2 hours to reach the top. Then there’s the Mount Erskine Loop. It is a moderate-level (3.9 km) hike, and you can ascend this loop in either direction. If you choose the eastern trail, it is a bit gentler; if you choose the western trail, it is somewhat steeper. At the top is a clear view of Vancouver Island, Crofton, and northern Salt Spring Island.


The Activities of Mount Erskine Provincial Park


For the ultimate in outdoor activities, Mount Erskine Provincial Park has plenty to offer. If you love hiking, kayaking, biking, camping, and wildlife, this park has no end of opportunities. Whichever you prefer, you are always surrounded by outstanding vistas, magical places, and breathtaking viewpoints.

Some of the routes are somewhat rocky, involve giant roots, and include slippery boulders, but this is all part of the outdoor adventure experience.


Play at Erskine Provincial Park, Stay at Mariner’s Loft


Experience the best of both worlds, the outdoor adventure of a Mount Erskine hiking adventure and a comfortable stay at the luxurious Accommodations of Mariner’s Loft. Once you’re done exploring and taking in the spectacular views from the summit of Mount Erskine, you can catch your breath and relax at Mariner’s Loft, situated with beautiful views of Ganges Harbour. You can also take a day to have some local experiences in the lovely little town of Ganges. Make sure your Salt Spring Island adventure includes Mariner’s Loft. Contact us and book your stay.

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